Rebecca Asghar


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Rebecca Asghar is an award winning figurative artist who works in many media including oil painting and drawing. She trained in the classical Atelier method and attained a Diploma in Portraiture from Heatherleys School of Fine Art.
Rebecca’s work is characterised by her bold, expressive strokes and contrasts of light and shade. She draws inspiration from her own life experiences: cultural discords, views and beliefs. Rebecca applies the same individual approach to both her self portraits and her portraits of others. Rebecca’s personal mantra is that until one truly looks at oneself, one cannot hope to achieve that same conversation about someone else when painting a portrait. Viewers have praised Rebecca’s work for both its visual impact and its emotional truthfulness.

Exhibitions and Awards

Nov 2018: Winner of Mr Heatherley prize for best three figure composition at Heatherleys School of Fine Art
May 2019: Ruth Borchard self portrait prize exhibition 2019
July 2019: Winner of joint World’s End Studio prize
July 2019: Exhibition at World’s End Studios
October 2019: Leytonstone festival, exhibition at Leytonstone Library
November 2019: Art Maze, The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf
April 2020: Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2020
April 2020: Maze of Colour, The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf

Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2020

Watch the video of time lapse footage of Rebecca Asghar's portrait of Trevor Nelson completed in 4 hours.

 I received a beautiful oil on canvas that was even more beautiful in person than it was online. Thank you Rebecca! 

Rena Chiovelli

 Rebecca is a very talented artist and painter, her work is full of life and her style is unique and technical. 

Jenny Cheng

 Rebecca is a brilliant artist with great talent! 

Ataur Siddiquey

 It was during mid-spring when Rebecca showed me some of her portraiture. I was so impressed and agreed to sit for her. We had almost 4-5 sittings using both natural and artificial light. The result was just amazingly lifelike - a duplicate of myself! 

Barbara Solon

 Rebecca is an amazingly gifted artist with striking colours and an emotional twist to her work. Her paintings have more than just vision - they have empathy. 

Michael Roche

 I sat for my portrait during June to 21 September 2017. It was completed in five sittings of around two to three hours. I was very pleased with the result! It is proudly displayed in my room at home. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone. 

Elyna Porcads