I received a beautiful oil on canvas that was even more beautiful in person than it was online. Thank you Rebecca! 

Rena Chiovelli

 Rebecca is a very talented artist and painter, her work is full of life and her style is unique and technical. 

Jenny Cheng

 Rebecca is a brilliant artist with great talent! 

Ataur Siddiquey

 It was during mid-spring when Rebecca showed me some of her portraiture. I was so impressed and agreed to sit for her. We had almost 4-5 sittings using both natural and artificial light. The result was just amazingly lifelike - a duplicate of myself! 

Barbara Solon

 Rebecca is an amazingly gifted artist with striking colours and an emotional twist to her work. Her paintings have more than just vision - they have empathy. 

Michael Roche

 I sat for my portrait during June to 21 September 2017. It was completed in five sittings of around two to three hours. I was very pleased with the result! It is proudly displayed in my room at home. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone. 

Elyna Porcads